Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WALL-E Dimensions

How big should WALL-E be? I know that there are some issues out there with scaling WALL-E to real life objects so let's see how it works out by comparing him to the Playmate cooler.

Assuming the cooler is the Igloo Playmate Elite Cooler (14.88" H x 15.88" W x 10.19" L), I get:

Assuming the cooler is 15.88" wide, it looks like it is smaller than the width of WALL-E's back - perhaps the size between the rubber padding in the corners according to this next image...

... but the tilted height of the cooler almost matches WALL-E's body height. If the cooler is only 14.88" high, it'll never be 17.66" high tilted... hmmm....

Then, maybe WALL-E is a little bit smaller? The Elite's H/W ratio is 14.88"/15.88" = 1.07. There is the Igloo Playmate Pal Cooler (12.0" H x 11.0" W x 8.0" L) and it's H/W ratio is 12.0"/11.0" = 1.09, so it's a tad bit taller with respect to it's width... 

Let's try another image...

Since the reference line (the red 16" line) is at an angle, it should be technically larger than 186 pixels, so any lines that are straight, like the height and the eyes should be smaller than the given number, thus the minus. Anyways, this one is somewhat similar to the previous dimensions, so perhaps it's the cooler that's out of scale...?

Once again, the dimensions are similar (roughly)...

I couldn't find a larger version of this, but the ratio is about 49/38 = 1.29. On the other images, we have ratios of: 1.15, 1.13, 1.08.

From the WALL-E Builders group, their original was 19.25" across the top and 18.625" for the height for a ratio of 1.03. My ratios are: 1.04, 1.01. So, my measurements are in line with theirs.

Let's take one more final look before deciding what to do...

Cooler height to body height ratio is 397/421 = 0.943. My scaled version gave me 14.88/17.66 = 0.843. Their cooler height to depth ratio is 397/245 = 1.62, but since the depth is at an angle, the ratio should be less than 1.62. The actual Playmate is 14.88/10.19 = 1.46, so it works. I suppose that the errors from my line accuracy and perspective issues can lead to large errors. At this point, I'm pretty satisfied with my original dimensions. So, let's begin the fun with some CAD drawings!


  1. hey dude, i was wondering.... I myself want to start working on a wall-e robot... i dont want to spend on toys to get ideas so im surfing around the net to get inspiration for my CAD files. your dimensions post only covers the main dimensions, so i was wondering if u had anything with the other one so it could help me with my drawings

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  3. Hi, So im looking for these measurements specifically. Are this in inches?