Monday, February 25, 2013

Head And Movement Updates

I'll be starting to CAD the head parts probably today. Preliminary drawings for the head only are complete so it should make things easier.

For the head, I've added an additional movement: Eye focus twist. When the eye lenses move in and out, it will also rotate. It might not be noticeable that easily but I think it'll make a nice addition, especially if the white lettering on the lenses are visible. Plus, it's a simple addition that doesn't overly complicate the eye socket subassembly.

So, the movements for the head will be:
- Eye in an out
- Eye twist
- Eye tilt
- Eyebrow up and down
- Head tilt
- Head/Neck rotate

For the rest of the body, the preliminary movements will be:

- Neck base tilt
- Neck midpoint tilt
- Shoulder rotate
- Shoulder swing
- Arm extend
- Arm rotate
- Hand grasp
- Legs/Tread drive

Possible additional movements:
- Legs/Suspension up and down
- Body forward/Bakward sway

That's it for now, drawings and pictures to be added in the future!

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