Sunday, September 1, 2013

WALL-E on Backburner

So.. with school in full swing, it looks like I will have to take a little pause on WALL-E for a while. I am currently working on a little compression-ignition engine in CAD which I will machine this semester among other projects possibly. Here's what I have so far:

It's not that bad of a rendering, huh... it was rendered in Keyshot using the stock materials that they had. I don't know all the bells and whistle of Keyshot so I couldn't find a way to entirely remove the background...

There are some things I still need to work on like:
- Figure out how to attach the glass fuel tank to the stands
- Add a 90 degree elbow fitting to the side of the fuel tank
- Add fasteners to attacj the engine to the base
- Add fasteners to attach the stands to the base
- Figure out what to attach the end of the crankshaft to

I really didn't want to mix WALL-E with other stuff so I won't be back to this blog until I get a break in school. I will be back!


  1. Hey, not that much of comments on your post about wall-e, but your work is really great, good job on the modeling part.

    May I ask what software you use ? Looks like Modo...

    Thanks for it and good luck !

  2. All the WALL-E parts were modeled and rendered in Solidworks using the Solid White material in the library. The engine parts in this particular post were modeled in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot 3 with the default materials in that library. Hope that helps...