Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wheels/Gears Update

I did some quick modelling of the wheels and gears in the drivetrain.

I think I will tweak the rim size of the front wheel to make the bezel thinner. I will also overlay an image of the actual drivetrain and see how the sizes compare to each other.

With the exception of the head, these parts are solely for show and so I will have to redesign them such that I can fabricate these parts later.

So, once I get the sizes and shapes to my liking, I will go ahead and design the drivetrain chassis: the rod connecting the front and rear wheels, the rod connecting the two tensioners, the main vertical chassis, and finally the lower track guide.

I should be able to get those done probably in the next two or three days. Then I will be go on to the suspension which might take a couple of days as well...

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