Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phase One Complete

Although I didn't model every single part, I think that I have enough information to start modelling the next revision which will be used for fabricating and assembling my WALL-E. I've already begun to remodel the head such that I can fabricate the pieces using a CNC router among other methods. This process will take a long time since I have to research what materials are available and not too expensive for this project. I will post updates as usual, but it might be a while between updates since most of the renderings might look the same as before.

Finally, I've done some sketching and tentatively, WALL-E will have an independent suspension for each leg with a spring damper and perhaps a hard spring for the camber adjustment. We'll see.. I might end up taking out the camber spring and replacing it with a solid arm.

Anyways, time for some sleep!

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