Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rev. A

I have started working on Rev. A.

Rev. 0 was more to create a the outer shell in order for me to find ways to design the inner workings of WALL-E. Rev. A will be designed such that I can fabricate these parts on a 3-axis CNC router.

Here's the Rev. A version of the eye so far:

As you can see, it looks pretty similar to what I had before. Although the outer shell is similar, the inside structure has been changed greatly. In the original revision, I was planning on using thin sheets of balsa to create the curvature of WALL-E's eyes. Now, I will just stack slices of his eyes to create the same shape. Here's one of the slices:

Since this method will create a heavier assembly, I had to optimize the piece for weight and strength. Although the pieces seems intricate, the CNC router should be able to fabricate this part easily. The three holes you see are for the three guide rods that will hold all the pieces together.

Finally, here's an inside view of the head so far:

Tomorrow, I will start revising the eyebrow mechanism and perhaps start on the eye socket.

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