Sunday, August 11, 2013

Head Pivot Support

So here's the current head pivot support mechanism:

The top side consists of a spring loaded ball transfer rolling on the lower spring loaded plate. The one concern that I have is the range of motion for the two pieces. During compression they should be fine but during extension, they might run out of travel. So, I can either put a retaining lip to limit the max extension or design another mechanism entirely. What I'd like to do is find a shorter clevis for the three pivots. If I can find a metal clevis that is less than 24-30mm long, then the current design should work...

Edit: So I've replaced the 30mm long aluminum clevis with a 24mm long plastic clevis. The reduction of 6mm did make some difference and I am satisfied with that for now. I went ahead and started working on the neck swivel assembly but there's just not enough room to fit an actuator in there for the swivel movement! My previous design used what I thought was an acceptable servo but it turns out it was a retract servo, meaning it only stays at the min or max position... So, I've found some low profile servos I might be able to fit in there but there might not be enough room... Time to rethink!

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