Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally Working On The Neck

After a long time troubleshooting the head pivot, I started working on the neck. I wanted to directly attach the servo to the swivel base but the lack of up and downstops, as well as additional shaft supports, forced me to alter the design slightly. Due to the space restraints, I ended up with the following:

Attached to the swivel base is a d-shaped shaft that is internally threaded on one end. The shaft is attached to the swivel base by a fastener and some spring washers.. I'll probably have to add some Loctite on there as well. The shaft goes through an upper and lower ball bearing and between them is a GT2 timing pulley. The timing pulley will connect to the other timing pulley, which is connected to the servo via a 25T spline to 0.375 diameter shaft adapter. That shaft will be supported by an upper bearing as well.

I also made some grooves behind those pieces for wiring but the biggest problem I'll have is getting the correct contours when machining. I'll probably have to sand down some of the edges where the cutter can't reach.

Two things I still have to work on is the belt tensioner and a way to connect this piece to the lower neck. I will work on that tomorrow...

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