Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fingers / Arms

I think I may have been working on WALL-E too much. The reason I say this is because last night, I actually dreamed about building WALL-E... haha.

Anyways, I was having some trouble determing what size actuator I should use for the shoulder pivot and rotate so I will start from the fingers and work backwards towards the shoulder. I'm also contemplating whether or not to include the arm extend and retract motion. It'll look nice but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra weight.

At the moment, I am planning on the following movements for the arms:
1. Upper finger open and close
2. Lower finger open and close
3. Wrist rotate
4. Arm extend and retract (Maybe)
5. Arm swing in and out
6. Shoulder rotate

Here's the Rev. 0 version of the arm...

... and here's what I have so far for the final revision

There will likely be major changes to what I currently have depending on how the fingers and the wrist turns out.

Alright, time for some breakfast and then I'll be back to do some work.

I had a pretty bad headache today so I didn't get a chance to work on WALL-E today.


  1. Wow.!!!
    I See about your wall-e's work procedure.
    Your Wall-e 3D Model is excellent and exact
    I Think that Your Wall-e 3D model is not just 3D model.... This 3D model is really great work!

    and May I ask a question?... are you mechanical engineer? when I see your work procedure, I think that your wall-e's machine component or operation is so exquisite

  2. Yes, I did study mechanical engineering in school and thank you for your comments!

    1. and, Really thank you for answering my question.
      I hope you safely finish this work