Saturday, February 1, 2014

Slight Problems and Body Update

So I was working on the neck and the head swivel mechanism and found out that the head swivel actuator might be underpowered for the task at hand. Due to the space constraints, I had to design it with a 9 kg-cm servo. I'm currently trying to modify the neck to see if I can fit a 30 kg-cm servo instead but it's giving me some trouble. I'll probably have to sleep on it for a bit.

...because of that, I decided to get started on the body.

It's mostly the same as before but I did make some modifications to make life easier when fabricating like splitting components into smaller machinable pieces. I'm also trying to keep serviceability in mind as I make the final revisions such as hatches and openings to access the internal guts if something were to go wrong. What I'll probably end up doing tomorrow is work on the rest of the body and then put in the basic internal support frames made out of t-slot extrusions.

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant. I have been looking for a good (read "fun") project to do in solidworks and I recently watched wall-e and decided I would make a 3-d model. I was looking for a place to start when i found this. Keep up the great work!