Sunday, February 16, 2014

Update ShapeOko BOM

Okay, so here's the finalized ShapeOko BOM (not including cutting bits):

ItemPart NumberRetailerQtyUnitUnit CostQty CostS&HTaxSubtotal
ShapeOko 2 Mechanical Kit30206-01Inventables11299.00299.0027.060.00326.06
MakerSlide 1000mm25142-03Inventables41m21.8487.360.000.0087.36
GT2 Pulley26054-02Inventables316.4719.410.000.0019.41
Spacer, #12 X 1/425312-13Inventables2102.615.
Cap Screw, M3 X 12, SKT HD25285-10Inventables1102.
Midspan SupportShapeOko1240.0040.005.003.2048.20
DW660 MountShapeOko1115.0015.002.501.2118.71
NEMA 23 Stepper Motor (156 oz-in, 1/4 shaft)KL23H251-24-8BATI3115.9547.8513.330.0061.18
NEMA 17 Stepper Motor (76 oz-in, 5mm shaft)KL17H248-15-4AATI1112.9912.990.000.0012.99
Stepper Breakout BoardC10ATI1128.0428.040.000.0028.04
Power Supply (24V, 14.6A) SE-350-242146564Jameco1144.9544.957.304.2956.54
100 uF Capacitor29962Jameco1101.
DIP Switch ADF03202472Jameco310.391.
5V Voltage Regulator LM2576T-5245569Jameco112.
100 uH Inductor371856Jameco111.351.350.000.001.35
Schottky Diode 1N5822177990Jameco1101.601.600.000.001.60
1000 uF Capacitor93833Jameco110.390.390.000.000.39
Heatsink TO-220158051Jameco110.
Terminal Block208857Jameco410.993.960.000.003.96
Pololu DRV8825 DriverDRV8825Pololu4113.9555.805.950.0061.75
Stepper Motor HeatsinkPRT-11510Sparkfun411.957.804.010.0011.81
Thermal AdhesivePRT-09771Sparkfun113.953.950.000.003.95
Long HeadersPRT-10158Sparkfun212.955.900.000.005.90
Aluminum Extrusion 20mm Inline 6ft5537T117McMaster Carr16ft17.1917.190.001.5518.74
Aluminum Extrusion 20mm Inline 8ft5537T117McMaster Carr18ft21.5821.580.001.9423.52
Right Angle Bracket Fastener5537T454McMaster Carr442.5510.200.000.9211.12
M3 Flat Washer93475A210McMaster Carr11001.621.620.000.151.77
M5 Flat Washer93475A240McMaster Carr11002.572.570.000.232.80
M5 Hex Nut90591A146McMaster Carr11002.
M3 Hex Nut90591A121McMaster Carr11001.391.390.000.131.52
Cap Screw, M3 X 8, SKT HD91292A112McMaster Carr11004.
Cap Screw, M5 X 20, BTN HD92095A185McMaster Carr1505.
18-4 Shielded Wire56913599Home Depot1010.464.600.000.374.97
Aluminum Extrusion 20mm Corner Brace1155Adafruit810.957.604.250.0011.85
GT2 Belt (2mm Pitch, 6mm Wide)TDGT2BeltTriDPrinting31m2.507.503.950.0011.45

So, the subtotal cost is $830.11, shipping $73.35, and tax is $19.55, for a grand total of $923.01. So I saved about $17 from yesterday's estimate while adding an additional 2 feet of GT2 belting (as a precaution) and 2 more aluminum extrusion corner braces.

As for the cutting bits, I'm still deciding whether or not to buy them from eBay (there is a seller who has been recommended several times on the ShapeOko forums) or get higher quality ones from MSC since I get a discount.

I will have to go back into my WALL-E CAD model and see what types of cutting bits I'll need. If I remember correctly, I should only need:

.125DIA, .500 CEL, Square
.250DIA 1.500 CEL, Square
.250DIA 1.500 CEL, Ball

The CEL numbers are all off the top of my head so I don't know if they are correct at all.. they're just a guess. I know that the CEL are a little long so I may have to check each piece to see if I can shorten the required CEL at all.

I'm think I'll start ordering today or tomorrow but I want to give myself some time to think it over before committing $1K...

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