Sunday, March 3, 2013

Almost done with the shell

I tried to line up a picture with what I had and it's pretty close.

I still have to work on the cutout on the inside of the eyes to have clearance for the pivot piece. Then I'll work on the eyebrow design by add the decorations. That'll probably be it for today.

Tomorrow, I'll work on the eye tilt mechanism and rebuild WALL-E's head for optimization. Once that's done, I'll be able to start on his head tilt mechanism and the base of the head.

I ordered 2 glass lenses for WALL-E's outer element and once they get here, I'll get started on that. I wasn't sure how large they were (the person said 110mm or 4.25" which are two different values but we'll see what I get). I'll be able to add the element and the rim to WALL-E's eyes so it'll a little better.

Hmm, what else? Here's what I had in mind as for the future designing schedule (in this order):
- Neck
- Body (including his Igloo lunch box)
- Arms
- Legs

In other news, I'm getting ready to purchase the parts for my Shapeoko. Like I mentioned earlier, I'll be upgrading to a larger cutting area so I just want to make sure all the additional parts will be compatible with what I'm trying to do before spending all this money!

Alright, time to head out today!

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