Sunday, March 3, 2013

Final update of the day

So I said that I would finish the eyebrow design but unfortunately, I didn't get to it today. I did, however, finish the inner cutout to give clearance for the pivot.

The main thing that I got started today was redesigning the in/out movement of the eyes. I originally had a gearmotor directly driving a leadscrew via a coupler (which I could not find) but decided to change it to a stepper. The stepper would be offset and would drive the leadscrew via timing belts. This should make it slightly more compact and would eliminate the need for a second limit switch since I would have more control with the stepper motor.

Originally I had trouble finding an MXL/XL pulley for a 3mm motor shaft and a 3/8 leadscrew so by changing to a stepper motor, I'll be using a XL timing belt with a 5mm motor shaft and 3/8 leadscrew from The mounts for the stepper would be slotted to allow me to tension the belt without the need for a idle pulley (hopefully).

Alright, time for sleep!

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