Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Update of the Day

For today's final update, I have started the the base of the head and the neck attachment.

Please keep in mind that the very bottom piece (which is part of the neck) is only a placeholder part to see how the parts mated.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the ball and socket joint similar to the real WALL-E. I've searched everywhere but in the end I had to resort to using an inline ball and socket linkage. I'll see if I can possible use a stainless steel spherical shell (tongue twister!) and cut the top and bottom off to create an outer boot to cover my linkage. That's definitely something we can do!

Here's another view of my work so far.

From this rendering, I still need to do the following:
- Eyebrows (I know I keep mentioning this...)
- Front element (glass lens)
- Front element rim
- Eye tilt mechanism
- Head tilt mechanism

I may have to deviate from the real WALL-E by making the neck attachment piece longer towards the rear of the pivot piece for me to install a stepper for the head rotation... We'll see...

Anyways, the plan going forward is...
March 6: Head tilt mechanism
March 7: Eye tilt mechanism

If I can finish those two items in the next two days, that'd be awesome!

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