Thursday, March 14, 2013

Uh Oh

So, I found a little problem with my model. The edge where the lower and upper panels meet on the side has an lip in mine.

I could try and fix it but the only geometry that would fit would be a faceted surface. If I kept this design, I might be able to sand the lip a little bit and hide it with some paint. Hmm... I don't want to continue with the design if I'm going to change this panel because the other pieces won't fit correctly. Decisions, decisions...

In any case, here's the model so far:

Another difficulty I'm having right now with modeling is the front lower right and left bumpers. I'm having trouble due to the fact that there are several components with complex surfaces and angles that the bumpers need to mate to. Obviously I plan on creating these bumpers but I will probably have to use modeling clay and carve it by hand. Then create a urethane mold/cast afterwards. So, even though I didn't model it, it will be there!

Edit: Updated model

Here's an updated view of the model. After looking at some high resolution movie posters, it looks like the rear bumpers house vents. I can do one of two things with this. The first option would be to use these two openings for left and right speakers. I wanted another speaker(s) location besides the front panel for better and louder audio. The second option would be to add fans to cool the electronics inside WALL-E - eventually, I will probably need some sort of cooling option...

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