Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not a very productive day today...

Unfortunately, I didn't get to everything I said that I would today but I did manage to start the head tilt design...

What you see are 2 ball and socket linkages for the head tilt and 1 inline ball and socket linkage for the third pivot as well as carrying the load of the head.

I had to do it this way because the real WALL-E only has a ball and socket joint. There are no actuators to move his head...

I tried to incorporate the idea of a swivel ball from yesterday but I couldn't find anything reasonable yet. There's not much room in the neck so I had to resort to using a low profile servo with about 7-9 kgcm stall torque; hopefully that will be enough.

So, tomorrow, I will work on the linkage and connection to the servo inside the head for the tilt. If I have time, I will work on the eye tilt as well.

Oh, and my glass lenses came today in the mail! 3 day shipping from NH.. that's pretty good! The lens was in fact 110mm instead of 4.25" but it doesn't matter too much. I added the lens and a temporary rim to see what it'd look like.

It's OK... I'll have to do further checks to see what the correct design is for the rim.

Alright, that's it for tonight. Good night!

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