Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick Body Dimensions Comparison

So here is a comparison between my model and the real WALL-E.

Not too bad. I suppose it could be better but I think that's good enough for now.

Edit: And here's the final update for today:

For the body, I still need to work on the following:
- Rear components
  - Piston/Cylinders
  - Upper panel
  - Main panel
  - Lunchbox Hanger
- Main chassis and support brackets on the inside of the body (eek..)
- Front charge panel electronics

I think that I will just finish the rear compartment and then go on to the arms or the legs. Then I'll work backwards towards the body and how these two components mount to it. Then I'll finish up with the inner chassis.

Considering that I was sick all day with the cold, it was actually a pretty productive day. I have work tomorrow but it's going to be Friday!

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